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Arshan resort is a unique healing area, which for many years helps adults and children from Buryat Republic and adjacent regions to take care of the health. It doesn’t have any analogues in Russia. The reason for it is the combination of nature healing factors such as a mountain climate, landscape, carbonate mineral water Arshan and sulfide peloid.

Arshan resort is located in Arshan village in Tunkinskiy region of Buryat Republic. It works 365 days of a year.

Arshan resort was founded in Mart 20th 1920 by the Health Department of Irkutsk Revolutionary Committee.

The Communist Party was interested in effective and cheap methods of treatment and sanatorium-resort therapy was suitable one. Several Soviet universities studied various medical programs of such a therapy in Arshan resort. It was shown that people did not get ill for two years after a course of sanatorium-resort treatment. For that reason the government paid for sanatorium-resort treatment of Soviet citizens until 1990th.

Nowadays the resort is property of Trade Union of Buryat Republic and it is managed by Sanatorium and Health Resort Institution of Trade Unions of Buryat Republic “Baikalkurort”. “Baikalkurort” is a non-profit institute. It plays an important social role in Buryatia because it offers sanatorium-resort treatment to ordinary Russian people.

The very reasonable prices make treatment available for natives but they causes quite poor service. On the contrary, medical efficiency of Arshan mineral water and climate is unique.

Undoubtedly, if you decide to come to Arshan resort, you will get an absolutely new experience in your life.


Medical indications for treatment at Arshan resort

Main indications

  1. Digestive system diseases
  2.  Endocrine system diseases, diet disorder, metabolic disorder
  3. Genitourinary system diseases

Supplying indications

  1. Blood circulation diseases
  2. Nervous system diseases
  3. Musculoskeletal diseases
  4. Respiratory system diseases
  5. Blood system diseases (Iron deficiency anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, hemorrhagic diathesis).

 Attention, please:

The indications and contraindications to health resort treatment are strictly limited by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.


Absolute contra indications to treatment at a health resort (according to Ministry of Health of Russian Federation)

  1. Acute stage of any disease
  2. Acute infectious disease
  3. Acute stage of venereal disease
  4. Acute stage of blood disease
  5. Cachexia
  6. Cancer and other malignant tumors
  7. Echinococcus
  8. Bleeding
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Tuberculosis


        The resort consists of 2 sanatoriums (Arshan sanatorium and Sayani sanatorium) and it has capacity of 647 people. All rooms are furnished and have all the facilities.



       Meals are served 5 times a day, diet food only. You can choose type of food (custom-made  or low-calorie meals) when you buy a travel voucher.


 Medical services

       Arshan resort provides a wide range of medical treatment and services.

These medical services are included in a therapeutic voucher:

-          Mineral baths

-          Mineral shower

-          Peloid therapy

-          Gums watering

-          Tyubazh (gall bladder cleansing)

-          Medical micro clysters

-          Paraffin ozokerito therapy

-          Halo therapy

-          Inhalation

-          Psychotherapy (individual and in groups)

-          Physiotherapy

-          Medical massage

-          Medical aerobics



You can obtain these medical services, too. It should be paid extra:

-          Monitor cleaning of the intestine

-          Hydro massage

-          Su-Jock

-          Acupuncture therapy

-          Phytotherapy

-          Aerophytotherapy

-          Hirudotherapy (medical leeches)

-          Ozone therapy

-          Oxygen therapy

-          Thermal treatment (sauna, aroma phyto barrels)

-          SERAGEM treatment (The piece of equipment is made in South Korea. It combines several therapeutic effects : a massage, thermotherapy, acupressure, spinal cord correction)


A course of treatment is compiled by a resort doctor. The range of prescribed procedures is individual and it depends on a disease, its severity and its duration. Patients are supervised by a doctor during the treatment course.

Medical services work from Monday to Saturday.

There is a 24-hour medical office in each sanatorium, which is supplied by a nurse and a doctor.


 Fasting therapy department

Fasting therapy department successfully works in Sayani sanatorium for 20 years so far. It has capacity of 15 people.

A unique method of fasting therapy is used for the same diseases as in Arshan complex resort treatment. Fasting therapy stimulates the self regulation mechanisms of human’s body making them curing a disease. The method of fasting therapy in Arshan resort is considered as a unique one because it combines fasting therapy and resort treatment itself.

The essence of method is absolute deprivation of food for some days. Patients can only drink pure water. They are under doctor’s control all the time and they have complex treatment according to special program. This period usually lasts from 7 to 20 days.

Next period involves special feeding and lasts from 4 to 10 days.

This method has effect on patients who suffer from obesity, asthma, arthritis, hypertonia, asthenia and other diseases.  Moreover, fasting therapy is used for preventing from different diseases in generally healthy people.


Leisure activities and information

There’s a club, library, museum at the resort. You can find information about public transport schedule, paid services, excursions at the reception. You also can leave your comments about the service quality there.


Transit and check-in information

To get to Arshan resort from Ulan-Ude city you can take a bus from bus station a bus from bus station “Selenga” (1a, Sovetskaya st., phone +7 951 626 8888). There is a taxi which goes from railway station in Ulan-Ude (35, 1905 Revolutsii street) several time a day – without permanent timetable. Travel time is 8-10 hours. A bus ticket costs 750 rubles at the present time.

To get to the resort from Irkutsk city there is a bus at the bus station (11, Oktyabrskaya street). Taxi is also available (1, Chelnokova street, phone +7 902 767 8618). Travel time is 2-3 hours. A ticket costs 400 rubles.

You can check-in at the resort round-the-clock. During summer we advise you to reserve a room.


If you have questions about the treatment at Arshan resort, you can contact a doctor by e-mail sales@baikalkurort.ru or sales_a@baikalkurort.ru or by phone +7 (3012) 21-61-69 +7 (9021) 66-96-59 (GMT +9).


License to provide medical activities, issued by Ministry of Healthcare of Buryat Republic, to SHRITU RB "Baikalkurort»